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Microsoft Wordament Game


Microsoft Wordament is a new version of the popular game for Windows, iOS, and Android. Explore new words on the 4×4 platform. This is an unusual search game. This is a competition to determine the best player. Your competitors will be people from the Internet. You will win in real-time, and it is very exciting. You have no right to make a mistake. Therefore, go forward for the championship title.


Click on the first block, scroll through the board, and click on each tile one by one to say the word. So you can add new words. After passing each tile, the light will change, and you will be shown your success in composing the word.


At each level, you will see a board consisting of 16 tiles. They have one or two letters. Each letter is a new score from 1 to 10. Look for new words and solve the riddle. The word can be composed moving in any direction and any sequence. Do not re-take the same tile.

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